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Carolyn Torntore

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Carolyn Torntore

Carolyn has a creative eye for design elements that brings a room to life, she can capture a vision and present a property in its best light. This is especially important for those Sellers that need a helping hand to make their property that much more saleable.

Working with investors, sellers and home buyers has taught her the “ins and outs” of home buying, selling and renovating houses long before she knew it would eventually become her profession and her passion. Everything she learned has become the foundation to build her real estate and home staging career that is based on honesty, drive, and creativity.

Today, home buyers are looking for a house in which they emotionally connect. Home Staging encourages that "buyer connection" by drawing on their emotions through the presentation of a desirable living environment.

Carolyn begins the process with an In-Home Consultation to prepare a To-Do List for the Seller to prepare their home for sale in today’s market. This is the starting point for each property. Whether you are needing to update light fixtures or select current paint colors, you will have a full list of what needs to be done in order to debut on the market strong.

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